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Andrea Melani

Andrea Melani


He is a co-founding partner of Studio Tributario Associato, active since 2005. He has been a registered accountant since 1991 and worked with Studio Bompani & Associati in Florence from 1988 to 1997, the year in which he joined Studio Legale Tributario (the Italian correspondent of Ernst & Young International, now EY S.p.A.). In 2002 he became Senior Manager. During his professional career he has gained significant experience in corporate, tax and accounting consultancy, as well as in corporate reorganization, contracts and corporate balance sheets. The activity is and has been carried out with clients (some of which of national importance) operating both in the public or para-public sector (companies belonging to the gas and water supply and waste disposal sectors) and in the private sector. He has been a registered auditor since 1999.

He has also gained experience in the specific sector of municipalized companies and consortia created under Law 142/1990, also participating in the procedures for their transformation into joint-stock companies under the provisions of Law 127/1997. Finally, he is a member of the Board of Statutory Auditors, also as Chairman, of various joint-stock companies, some of which operating in the airport sector.

"La riforma della Minimum Tax – contenzioso e difesa del contribuente. Nuovi poteri di accertamento e verifiche mirate", A. Melani e M. Bini., Ergon Business Communication, Milano, 1993.

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